Through paint, paper, fibers, fabric, found objects, transfers and a "let's-trythis"
approach to mixed media collage, I create the world as I see it -
whimsical, colorful, fun and funny - offering the viewer playful but also
hopefully deeper insights into the essence of humanness and of Life itself.

I am a storyteller. Whether the motifs are houses, trees, fish or something
more abstract, my work is always a narrative. The story may not always be
evident, even to myself, but it is inevitable.

I am known for my bold and cheerful color palette, my whimsical images,
and my quirky sense of humor, under which, if not always apparent, there
lies deeper meaning: that reality is different than we perceive, and that
essentially all things are possible.

It’s how I see the world.
As Oscar Wilde reminds us: "Life is too important to be taken seriously."