Playful mixed media abstraction
I describe my art as playful abstraction. It is bold, colorful and painterly. As far back as I can remember my memories are tied to the light and color of what is around me. The dance of sunlight, patterns in the landscape – natural or man made – and the way we experience the world, all find their way into my art.

I primarily use acrylic paints and mediums but nothing is off limits in terms of tools, materials and techniques. Exploring media is one of the joys of creating. I typically begin with a basic idea of direction and intent. Paint is most often my first layer. As a piece evolves choices are dictated by what the piece needs. Discovering the journey of each piece is the best part of the process. It opens up conversations that inspire and inform new paths of expression.

I have come to believe that all art is tied to memory. I like to use hints or suggestions of things but leave ambiguities so the viewer can overlay their own experience. If someone connects with my art and finds something in it that resonates with them, then I feel I have done my job as an artist.