I believe that art is an important part of living a civilized life.  It helps us look at the world and look inside ourselves.  It helps us grow, appreciate what we have and clarify what we want.  Certain pieces of art will speak to you and will make a connection to your soul.    
I am a mixed media artist who takes great pleasure in creating art that explores the connection people have with each other, with nature and with that universal force that has the power to transform our lives. I create acrylic paintings, mixed media paintings and collages using acrylic paints and mediums, hand-painted papers, charcoal, pencil and markers.   Focusing on color, composition, meaning and emotion, I begin each piece with a specific artistic vision; I respond to the initial work, clarifying and refining my vision.  My hope is to create something meaningful for you, the viewer.
I was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania and showed an early interest in art and drawing.  I married and moved to Connecticut with my husband to raise our two sons.  I worked as a graphic designer until graduation from nursing school in 1991.  In 2016, I retired from radiation oncology at the Helen & Harry Gray Cancer Center at Hartford Hospital.  I am a member of Syntax Mixed Media Artists, Connecticut Women Artists and the proud grandmother of Max, Elias, Abigail and Cora.